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SimplePAMApps-0.57 release

Hi all,

The new release of SimplePAMApps is available.

SimplePAMApps package contains three utilities: login, su, and passwd
completely based on Pluggable Authentication Modules (PAM) library.

The package contains the following changes from the previous (0.56preD)
   - a major code cleanup in "su" utility for better readability and
   - the terminal control for "su -c command" has been simplified
     without losing the main advantage: your are able to suspend
     the job or put it into the background.
I've also added to the package a file ("NOTES.su") which describes in brief
the behavior of "su" program in respect to the terminal and session control.

The package is placed at


and I hope will appear at


Note that despite the absence of the usual "pre" prefix in the release name
the code is still under the development and
hasn't achieved the stable state yet.

I'd be glad to see a feedback. Please mail to pam-list@redhat.com
or me directly: <saw@msu.ru>

Best wishes
					Andrey V.

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