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Re: lggin: prompt in pam_pwdb.o


This is how pam modules are recommended to obtain a username.  The
default is ugly -- to encourage app developers to set PAM_USER_PROMPT.
Note, in most cases the app already knows what the username is as it is
provided in the pam_start() call.  Also note, that Red Hat took
exception to the ``Please enter username: '', and replaced it in the
library with ``login: ''.

If you want to override this, you should make an auth module that
returns PAM_IGNORE for both auth and setcred functions that overrides
the PAM_USER_PROMPT with what you want.



Richard Sharpe writes:
> Subject: lggin: prompt in pam_pwdb.o
> Reply-To: pam-list@redhat.com
> Hi,
> on a RH5.0 system, I need to modify the prompt on certain lines. I have
> modified /etc/gettydefs, but once pam_pwdb gets into the act, if the user
> has mis-typed their username or password, then out comes that good old
> 'login:' prompt.
> It has been suggested to me that this can be changed with a command line
> field for pam_pwdb or others.
> Can anyone tell me where this is documented?
> Regards
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