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Re: prompt querying ...

William M. Perry writes:
> "Brad M. Garcia" <bgarcia@fore.com> writes:
> > I believe this is already supported.
> > 
> > The conversation function that is supplied by the application is supposed
> > to be able to handle multiple messages.  All that is needed is to update
> > the pam modules (if needed) to send all the questions to the conversation
> > function in one call.
>   But sometimes you cannot know the entire sequence, when multiple modules
> are marked as 'sufficient' for a service, etc.  Or if you are using
> radius.

>   Best bet would be to construct the dialog with what the PAM conversation
> gives you, and hope the modules are smart enough to know they need a
> username AND a password and tell you that in one swell foop.

There is some code (X-files?) in my pre release directory that
provides a semi decent X coversation interface.  Its been sitting
there waiting for someone with the right sort of brain to make use of


In the most recent incarnation of PAM (0.65) there is also some
support for event driven programming models.. Its untested, so I fully
expect it to have bugs. (Tread carefully and report problems!)  You
might prefer to pursue this avenue -- but its going to be quite a
while before Solaris et al, catch up on that front.



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