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Re: pam_session bug?

On Thu, 7 May 1998, Savochkin Andrey Vladimirovich wrote:

> Could you check the kernel credentials with which different
> PAM functions are called under Solaris?

Not at the moment, probably by the weekend, but if I recall ESTABLISH_CRED
is called as uid/euid root in dtlogin and as uid/euid user in login. but i
will check.

> I'm mostly interesting in uid, euid, gid, egid and supplementary groups
> for calls pam_open_session, pam_setcred(PAM_ESTABLISH_CRED),
> pam_setcred(PAM_DELETE_CRED), and pam_close_session
> when you do for example "su - user" with the original and the target
> users being not root. The test could be performed easily by plugging
> a module which prints the information.

when i bring *any* solaris 2.6 machine back up:-)

> Now we can't say that the compatibility is present because
> we aren't sure that the policy of setting kernel credentials
> when pam_sm_setcred module function is called
> differs under Linux and Solaris.

sure, it's compatible. you have no clue what kernel credentials you'll
have, so you have to program for that. i don't like it, but it is


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