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Re: NIS, shadow, and pam?

I always hear varying things on this, so I'm going to stick my neck out
and someone either confirms or denies this. =)

I've heard, on one hand, that "shadow" for YP is really not shadow in the
traditional sense, and that instead it's a trick in the library where it
check's who is asking for the password map from yp and if it's not root,
it sends it the user:*:.... looking map, while if it is root it will give
you the normal looking map with the passwords.

Then on the other hand I've actually seen threads where people were
running with /etc/shadow containing the passwords, and they were trying to
get that working.

So, I dunno. How's that saying go? The best way to get information is to
post misinformation?



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On Tue, 19 May 1998, Christopher McCrory wrote:

> Hello...
> 	It seems that using pam and shadow passwds works.  Using pam and NIS
> works.  Using shadow, and NIS with pam does not.  Is someone working on
> this and if not where do I start?  
> thanks
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