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PAM modules under Solaris 2.6 (fwd)


	I'm trying to get pam_ntdom_auth compiled and working under
Solaris 2.6, which will allow me to get at my NDS server *through* an NT
server (messy, but I'm getting desperate)...I've never dealt with PAM
before this, but I haven't seen my discussion about it in here either, so
don't know if anyone is really using it :(

	I get the following error in /var/adm/messages if I try and use
the 'ntdom' module for 'other/auth', which will include telneting into the

May 22 09:34:15 hades login: load_modules: can not open module \

	The file is there:

-rwxr-xr-x   1 root     other     274639 May 22 09:30 \

	And the 'make' appears to have gone cleanly:

ld -G -o pam_ntdom_auth.so dynamic/rpc_validate.o dynamic/pam_ntdom_auth.o
	dynamic/pam_read_conf.o dynamic/support.o rpc_validate/cmd_netlogon.o
	rpc_validate/cmd_lsarpc.o  lib/util/membuffer.o lib/util/smberr.o
	lib/util/util.o lib/util/time.o lib/util/credentials.o lib/util/md4.o
	lib/util/arcfour.o lib/util/smbdes.o lib/util/smbencrypt.o
	lib/util/pwd_cache.o lib/util/nterr.o lib/smb/clientgen.o
	lib/rpc/parse/parse_rpc.o lib/rpc/parse/parse_net.o
	lib/rpc/parse/parse_misc.o lib/rpc/parse/parse_lsa.o
	lib/rpc/parse/parse_prs.o  lib/rpc/client/cli_pipe.o
	lib/rpc/client/cli_lsarpc.o lib/rpc/client/cli_netlogon.o

	I'm new to pam, so its conceivable I've missed a step here..?

	Anyone with experience in this area that can help?  Is there
something in the man pages that I overlooked?


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