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Re: pam_nw_auth works with NDS!

On Fri, 22 May 1998, Alexander List wrote:

> I'd like Netware to supply not only "password OK yes/no", but also UID,
> GID, group membership etc. Did anyone already think about something like
> this? 

My crazy idea:

AFAIK, all those libc type functions that go lookup my name from my
userid, or whatever, can get it from files or from yp, right? Yes,
pamified apps could perhaps do some other stuff (though I'm not sure,
since I dunno which of the 4 module types provides that information).
But, how about as a more general solution, a fake yp server which turns
requests for password file maps into whatever NDS calls are necessary?

[Disclaimer: I know ZERO about NDS.] If you had users and could give them
all unix UID, home directory, and other information that /etc/password
normally provides, IN the NDS, then the fake yp server would just need to
traverse the tree assembling all that information into a map. Hell, you
could probably do it with the existing yp server by writing user-land
tools/scripts that yanked the info out of NDS and built the
password/group/whatever map that way...

Please comment? =)


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