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Telling pam that the login prompt is username, not login


I have asked this before but the answer was a pointer to the implementers
documentation (a perhaps too subtle hint :-)

I have had to change the login prompt on a RH5.0 system to username. This I
accomplished by changing things in /etc/gettydefs or some such file.

This works OK, until the user makes a mistake in typing in their username
or password (or the modems lose a few chars) and the system reprompts. By
then, PAM has control, and the hard-coded 'login:' prompt is issued.

This screws up my dial-up scripts ... Which seem not to be able to look for
two types of prompts.

Is there a simple parameter I can pass to pam on the pam_pwdb line to tell
it to prompt with a different prompt? At the moment it takes the parameters
shaddow and nullok.

Any help appreciated.

Richard Sharpe, sharpe@ns.aus.com, NIC-Handle:RJS96
NS Computer Software and Services P/L, 
Ph: +61-8-8281-0063, FAX: +61-8-8250-2080, 
Samba, Linux, Apache, Digital UNIX, AIX, Netscape, Stronghold, C, ...

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