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Re: Question concerning PAM modules and root ...

yeah that would basically be about right ... I don't see this as a major
problem as I would trust the people in charge of my NT server.. I suppose
I could add something to the pam_smb.conf file in the next release a deny
users or something .. but having a large conf file will slow the thing
down to a very low rate ... what I may do is try and use some daemon code
to do the authentication ... this has been planned for a while now ..


On Thu, 28 May 1998, The Hermit Hacker wrote:

> Hi...
>       I was just looking at the pam_smb_auth module, and one thing
> bothers me...unless I'm reading the code wrong, *if* someone creates a
> user root, with a passwd, on the NT server, and logs into the machine
> root/<passwd on NT server>, they can get root access to the server?
>       Or am I missing something?

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