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0.65 and FreeBSD

The defs file and patch in the URLs below get Linux-PAM-0.65 to compile
under FreeBSD 2.2.6 using GNU Make and F'BSD ld , both dynamic and static
libs.  (without libpwdb though)


As always, there is no warranty on whether or not it will actually work on
a system.  Personally, I'm going to go and have dinner before trying it on

Summary of changes:

Makefile                              <- exported HAVE_SHADOW_H
libpam/Makefile                       <- spelling ;)
libpam/pam_static.c                   <- pamh undeclared (does this
                                         actually compile unpatched?)
modules/README                        <- Andrew's email addy ;)
modules/pam_access/pam_access.c       <- gethostname redefined
modules/pam_filter/pam_filter.c       <- termio(s) confuzzlement - XCASE?
modules/pam_unix/Makefile             <- hack for HAVE_SHADOW_H in base def file
modules/pam_unix/pam_unix_auth.c      <- spelling ;)
modules/pam_unix/pam_unix_passwd.c    <- {set,end}pwent redefined, malloc.h

If someone could ensure that the patch above doesn't screw up it compiling
on a Linux system I'd be grateful ;)


Run Microsoft Products?  Heck, I've already got 6 impossible things to
believe before breakfast.

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