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On Fri, 30 Oct 1998, Andrew Morgan wrote:

> 1. True, we need better and more user friendly documentation.  I am not
> able to commit time to this task, are there any volunteers?  Is there
> some way in which users might contribute paragraphs, examples etc..? 
> I'll certainly collect them in one place for someone else to edit when
> they find the need/time.
I would be willing to submit examples, and maybe even paragraphs,
but maybe it would be smart, on your part, to propose a kind of
classification system for people to identify the fragments, if and
when someone else tries to integrate them into the existing documentation.

> 2. Most of the comments along these lines deal with credential
> management issues.  How can I have one common database of all my users,
> for all my systems...?  Its good to see that there have been a number of
> positive replies. 

I have been one of the ones asking this question, but I must admit that
I am having trouble understanding the answers.  I have tried to read
about Radius and NIS and now LDAP, but I have trouble getting an
understanding of this.  I would be grateful if someone here could
give a URL to where I could get a better understanding.

> [Here at Transmeta, we are leaning towards LDAP since
> we are finding NIS less and less able to reliably meet our needs.] This
> kind of thing is not something PAM (libpam) should provide per se.  If
> anything, it is a PAM-module support thing.  However, these modules
> should act as an interface to the information as opposed to being the
> primary supplier of it.
Right.  This is my understanding as well.  The databases can lie anywhere
and in any format, and the modules should be the ones that know where
to look for them.

This is why I was asking about libpwdb in relation to NIS and Radius.
But then someone accused libpwdb of showing its age ... without explaining
what this meant.

> Libpwdb was created as a sort of "PAM for credential management"
> infrastructure.  It was intended to replace the libc support for this. 
> However, glibc has developed a modular interface with the nss_ stuff, so
> perhaps pwdb can merge with that in some way?  (Cristian Gafton and
> others have been working on that.)

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