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Re: Unidentified subject!

Seth Chaiklin wrote:
> On Fri, 30 Oct 1998, Andrew Morgan wrote:
> > 1. True, we need better and more user friendly documentation.  I am not
> > able to commit time to this task, are there any volunteers?  Is there
> > some way in which users might contribute paragraphs, examples etc..?
> > I'll certainly collect them in one place for someone else to edit when
> > they find the need/time.
> I would be willing to submit examples, and maybe even paragraphs,
> but maybe it would be smart, on your part, to propose a kind of
> classification system for people to identify the fragments, if and
> when someone else tries to integrate them into the existing documentation.

Take a look at the three guides that are available:


It would be a good thing (for me) if people want to indicate where their
contributions would fit in these.  (You can find the sources for these
documents in the Linux-PAM tar ball.

Alternatively, I could just stick all of the emails here:


In these cases, people could suggest a name for their emails that would
be useful for people when they look down the directory.

[Remember, if anyone wants to set up their own documentation site, I'd
be extremely happy to point to it!]



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