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Re: PAM && libpwd

Grzegorz Stanislawski wrote:
>  PAM takes care "only" about username and password, and only this data is
> fetched from pwdb by pam_pwdb.
>  Any other data about user must be fetched by an application itself and
> now all programs do it using standard libc getpwnam(). IMHO they should
> use pwdb instead, so i'm now writting a "pwdb'ified";-) versions of
> chfn,chsh,chage,login and su.

Before doing this, please take a look here:


Andrey maintains the SimplePAMApps / pamapps stuff in here.  You might
like to add to these as opposed to starting from scratch.

Someone should synch up with Cristian on the pwdb front.  I was speaking
with him yesterday and he has apparently got a working beta of libpwdb
that makes use of nss_* modules and is also working on come client side
caching daemon that apparently makes some things incredibly fast...



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