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RE: Is it necessary to use pam_{nw,ncp}_auth with a NIS (or Radius) Novell server?

> +:::60::/home/ppp:/usr/sbin/pppd

For this, you (ideally) shouldn't need NIS at all. After all, PAM is
authorizing the user, so you arguably could return this information about
*any* otherwise unknown user. (They won't be let in unless authorized PAM,

Thus it would be trivial to write an NSS module that would return:

%s:*:65534:65534:PPP user:/tmp:/usr/sbin/pppd

for *any* user (only getpwnam() and getpwuid() could be sensibly
implemented). That way one could use directories which were, for the sake of
UNIX clients, authentication-only (such as NDS with pam_nw_auth, or NT with
pam_ntdom) to manage UNIX dialin accounts.

Of course, if you want people to actually log in, then you need some way to
get the real UNIX account information, as has been discussed on this list of
late. The example here is a special case, but it seems like it would solve
Seth's problem, without needing to enable NIS.

-- Luke

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