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Is this legitimate? (Module/application interaction.)

  I have a situation where I want to return some data from a module to
the application.

  Applications are not allowed to use the pam_[g|s]et_data functions.

  What if I used the appdata_ptr of the pam_conv structure to point to
a structure the module could fill in?

   The first item of the structure would be a tag line, and if the
module saw that tag line (and appdata_ptr != NULL) it would know it was
safe to fill in the structure and the application would check it after
the PAM calls.  Otherwise it would just do its PAM action and not return
the data to the application.

   Is this legitimate?  I don't see anything in the [module|application]
writers guide or X/Open RFC 86.0 to prohibit this.


  Allan Bjorklund                  |                  allan@umich.edu
  Systems Research Programmer      |           University of Michigan
  Information Technology Division  |               535 W. William St.
  1-(734)-763-9391                 |              Ann Arbor, MI 48103

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