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Re: Does pam_env.so work?

>  You have a fairly good working relationship with the Solaris PAM.  How
>  does this sort of thing play out with Solaris?  I'm curious whether they
>  implemented the credential stack to automatically reproduce the flow
>  followed by the (earlier) authentication stack, or whether it follows
>  the flow as determined by the return codes of the credential components
>  to these modules (as Linux-PAM does).

I will try tomorrow. Right now I'm in the middle of installing Solaris patches,
which I was going to do yesterday but was rudely interrupted by a power outage!

>  [Derrick and co. submitted some patches to force pam_unix and pam_pwdb
>  modules to do the sane thing here.  I'll have included these changes in
>  the next Linux-PAM release, but my tree is currently in transition (read
>  broken) with some event-driven stuff so unless I break the distribution
>  into a separate module dist, I think it will be a month before this code
>  sees the light of day..]

Actually, I don't think I did any of the work, I think Ros Neplokh did all of
it after I told him what the problem he was having was.

Dumb mostly unrelated question: considered using a CVS tree and allowing


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