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One way to improve PAM [was: Does pam_env.so work?]

Andrew Morgan wrote:
  > The buyer may have to beware, but I'd like to offer the alternative
  > philosophy that everything is hard before it is easy.. 

I agree.  (In my previous message, I deleted my inadequate
attempt to construct an analogy between PAM and the early days of
home computers when people were soldering connections, using
breadboards and what not.)  It is just that you have been so
rigourous in following the RFC and making an API, and an ongoing
concern here to "break" with the existing RFC in a principled
manner, and RedHat and Caldera announcing that they were
committed to using PAM, so I got something like a "plug n' play"

  > Indeed, the documentation is more optimistic than the code at this
  > point.  But, where a module does not do the right thing it is a _bug_
  > and some clear documentation would go a long way to making it obvious
  > when a bug has been found by someone who does not know how to program...
  > Problem reports are one thing that will improve PAM.  Without
  > some documentation, people have a hard time knowing what to expect.

Good points.  

  > Please continue to ask questions, and please continue to submit 
  > snippets of text for the documentation (this goes for everyone!).  

But this has been such a pleasant low-volume list.  

Anyway, I will make a few more efforts in this direction.


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