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How do you use PAM?

On Mon, 2 Nov 1998, Jim Hebert wrote:

> My random thoughts on the difference between pam and libpwdb
> That people see redundancy is partially legit but also partially due to
> the typical mindset about PAM. PAM is about more than username, password
> pairs. 

    [From the first line of the Linux-PAM System Administrators Guide]  

    Linux-PAM (Pluggable Authentication Modules for Linux) is a suite of
    shared libraries that enable the local system administrator to choose
    how applications authenticate users.  

Maybe there is a reason for this mindset....but....it also inspires me to
make the following request.  Would people be so kind to send to me (or the
list), an answer to the following question:

How I use PAM? 

The idea is to write a personal account (even random thoughts) of 
how you use PAM in your daily system admin work.  (With the implicit
assumption that it would be interesting to collect some examples of
unusual, creative, interesting things that people have discovered,
beyond the "default" settings.) 

For example, my entry would be along the lines of using PAM so
that I can run a PPP server and web server on linux, but use
the names and passwords sitting on a Netware server.  

It would be nice if you would include /etc/pam.d config files
with your descriptions (possibly with explanatory comments), 
and URLs/ftp addresses for modules that are not mentioned in the 
modules list on:


I would be willing to edit the answers (giving author name and
email addresses, unless requested otherwise) and submit them to 
Andrew (and to the list), with the idea that it might help give 
a more concrete image of the possibilities that PAM offers in 
actual practice.

That might help to break the mindset, and maybe inspire a better (i.e,
more accurate) opening sentence for the Sysadmin Guide. 

  Seth Chaiklin

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