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Re: Does pam_env.so work?

> Seth Chaiklin wrote:
>> On Thu, 5 Nov 1998, Andrew Morgan wrote:
>>> Does this help clarify the situation?

>> I think I'll wait for Jim Dennis's promised article (-:
> I suspect Jim is waiting for the documentation to be clearer...

	Actually I'm trying to finish a boot on Linux Systems
	Administration.  My earlier effort (fanning some activity
	on the mailing list) was in the hopes that this project
	would mature a bit more so I could write that part of the
	book (and an article could be snuck out of that).

	I hate to write anything on this subject at this point

		I don't really know or understand what PAM Linux
		is doing right now.

		I don't know what its *supposed* to be doing.

		I get the feeling that some of what it *is* doing
		doesn't match what it *should* be doing.

		It seems like it's like to change out from under me.

	... when I ask:  "1.x, When?"  --- THAT'S WHAT I MEAN.
>> I am sure the PAM libraries do what they are supposed to do,
>> and that the "rules" are documented in the RFC and API.
> I'm not.  Problem reports are one thing that will improve PAM. Without
> some documentation, people have a hard time knowing what to expect.
>> But it seems that the existing modules and the interactions between
>> applications and modules are not always corresponding to
>> the visions that the docs are presenting.  Is that fair
>> to say?
> In general, people use the default settings.  By experimenting
> with things, you are pushing the envelope and will find
> documentation problems and bugs in modules too... I hope!


	What the hell is the point of PAM if changing the 
	configuration from the defaults is "pushing the 


	How can I get my authentication configuration to model my
	security policy if I can *CONFIGURE* anything?

>> I like PAM, but it is also "caveat emptor"
> The buyer may have to beware, but I'd like to offer the alterative
> philosophy that everything is hard before it is easy.. Please
> continue to ask questions, and please continue to submit snippets
> of text for the documentation (this goes for everyone!).  So far
> you've added about a page of text to the admin guide.  I've just
> added a note on this issue to the module writer's guide to reflect
> the above problem too.
> So thanks!
> Andrew
Jim Dennis  (800) 938-4078		consulting@starshine.org
Proprietor, Starshine Technical Services:  http://www.starshine.org

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