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Re: Is there a module available for Security Dynamics SecureID?

Jean-Luc Lachance <jllachan@interlink.net> wrote:
> I tought it was obvious I am looking for a PAM module...

  Yes, but there are a number of ways to answer your question, and
solve your problem.

  First, Check the PAM pages for a SecurID module:


  Nope.  No SecurID module there.

  The short answer to your question, then, is "No".

  However, either the ACE server does RADIUS, or you can get a
SecurID-enabled RADIUS server, and install pam_radius_auth.c from my
company's site.  You'll have SecurID authentication up and running in
an hour or so.

  Barring that, you're welcome to write a SecurID PAM module yourself.
It might take you longer than an hour, though, and I *seriously* doubt
that SecurID will make their source code or API publicly available.

  You may be able to get the information you need, but you'll probably
have to sign an NDA with SecurID, pay them $$, and then distribute
only the binaries for a pam_securid module, not the source.

  The long answer to your question, then, is "Use RADIUS for SecurID.
Go to Livingston's site, and download their SecurID-enabled RADIUS
server.  Install pam_radius_auth, and use RADIUS to do SecurID

  Hint: Open protocols and open standards are much friendlier than
closed protocols and closed standards, as you're beginning to discover.

  Alan DeKok.

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