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We've been using both 1.2.26, and ssh2 on Solais 2.6 for a while now,
without any problems.  Just make sure you set the proper parameters at
compile time.

If you continue to have problems email me privately and I'll be happy to
make the binaries available to you.

-Steve Kokinos

On Mon, 16 Nov 1998, Matt Drown wrote:

> I thought I put this in awhile back, sorry.
> ftp://ftp.dhp.com/pub/linux/dhp-distrib/ssh-1.2.26.pam.patch
> I have no idea if it will work with solaris, but it may be a good start.
> I should have the 1.2.26 spec file up there when I finally get around to
> seeing how to deal with ssh1 and ssh2 differences.
> -Matt Drown     -- Privacy, Anonyminity, & Security -- DataHaven Project
>  panzer@dhp.com -- Shell and Web accounts           -- http://www.dhp.com/ 
> On Mon, 16 Nov 1998, Jinnah Dylan Hosein wrote:
> > Does any one have a working patch file for the SSH-1.2.26 source to make it
> > work with PAM under Solaris 2.6? I've tried everything I can think of to no
> > avail and it's driving me nuts.
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