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PNIAM release

I and my University colleagues Alexei Galatenko and Alexander Naumov have
prepared the first release of `Pluggable Non Interactive Authentication

We want to keep advantages of PAM and avoid its known weaknesses.
The new API is convenient for Internet servers (like FTP, POP etc) and wouldn't
require `conversation function hacks' so common for servers with PAM support.

The second important point is that authentication and the process of obtaining
user's identity information are both under modules' control.  The API allows
applications to avoid their own lookup in /etc/passwd for the supplementary
information.  It allows people use different authentication schemes (RADIUS and
others) without the necessity of adding entries to /etc/passwd.
Moreover, taking user's account information from modules protects applications
against the potential inconsistency of data from different sources.

So far we have finished the initial revision of the library for processing
PNIAM calls.  We have also created a sample PNIAM-aware application and a
couple of test modules.  The tarball is placed at

The brief description of the PNIAM API is placed on

Since the last talk about PNIAM on this list we've written more code.
Writing the code we began to understand what we want to see much more clear.
Opinions, suggestions, and code contributions are welcome.

Best wishes
					Andrey V.

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