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libpamc (snapshot - 0.01)


I've rewritten the client library for PAM. Mostly I'm intending to
simplify it over the library that Andrey and I wrote some time ago (and
which has been included in the PAM sources for the last few releases but
not used, so far as I am aware), the revised version is also intended to
be a reference implementation for the PAM spec I'm putting together.

Its taken me a little longer than I had hoped to get it to the current
stage (work, baby etc..) but its there now and ready for people to play


[It compiles on both of my systems: libc and glibc.]

I'm going to be making another PAM release this week (Mmm, I think I
said that two weeks ago.) It will likely include this client library
plus any fixes (and perhaps the PAM module to match the secret@here
agent). I've been getting some really good feedback on the PAM spec, and
I'll include the revised working version too. Email me/the list with any
patches for PAM. stuff.



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