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Re: PAM-aware FTPd?

mpg4@paradise.duluoz.net writes:
>Anybody know of any ftp daemons that are PAM-aware?  If not, is this
>something that other people would like to see?  I'll volunteer to hack
>an existing ftpd (it would probably be wu-ftpd), but I don't want to
>waste my time if it's already been done.

Depends on what you mean by PAM-aware...  I pamified wu-ftpd a few years
ago, but I didn't re-write its state machine so that it would interact
more nicely, I just used my typical check-pair function that I use for
protocol-constrained programs that can't do anything more than check a
username/password pair anyway...

proftpd is also pamified; the pam auth module is a contributed module
and has to be explicitly built but in my limited testing it works.  No
promises, of course, but the code sure looks a lot cleaner than wu-ftpd...



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