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Re: pop3 and sendmail?

Matthew Hixson writes:
>Has someone added PAM support to a reputable POP3 server and a delivery agent
>which can be used with sendmail?  I'm trying to PAMify as many things as I can
>so that I have the flexibility of changing my entire authentication scheme.

It would be nice if you would define "reputable"; I pamified the uw
imap/pop server long ago.  I put the patch I created in the public
domain so that the same code could be used to pamify any program whose
protocol was limited to username/password.  It's the same patch that
is at the core of my wu-ftpd pamification.

If you for some reason judge the uw imap/pop server to be irreputable,
please feel free to use the patch I created for it as raw material to
pamify the pop server of your choice.  I'd suggest that if you could
list the pop servers that you consider to be reputable, the kind folks
on this mailing list could do a better job of answering your question.

I don't know of a delivery agent that is pamified, and I don't know what
benefit pamification would bring to a delivery agent, to be honest.


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