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Re: pop3 and sendmail?

On Sat, 10 Apr 1999, Michael K. Johnson wrote:
> It would be nice if you would define "reputable"; 

   adj: having a good reputation

> I pamified the uw
> imap/pop server long ago.  I put the patch I created in the public
> domain so that the same code could be used to pamify any program whose
> protocol was limited to username/password.  It's the same patch that
> is at the core of my wu-ftpd pamification.

That sounds like it would work just fine.  I am just looking for a PAMed pop3
server that has been widely used and is known to be stable.

> If you for some reason judge the uw imap/pop server to be irreputable,
> please feel free to use the patch I created for it as raw material to
> pamify the pop server of your choice.  I'd suggest that if you could
> list the pop servers that you consider to be reputable, the kind folks
> on this mailing list could do a better job of answering your question.

I did not mean to say that I thought any pop servers were irreputable.  I'm
just wanting to know what people are using and have had success with.

> I don't know of a delivery agent that is pamified, and I don't know what
> benefit pamification would bring to a delivery agent, to be honest.

When mail arrives at hostname.com the machine has to see if a user with the
name that the email is addressed to actually exists on that machine. I was
thinking that the delivery agent could use PAM to at least see that there is
actually a user with that name.  It wouldn't have to do any authentication or
anything else that PAM can do other than saying that, "Yes, that is a valid
username for this system."
  I'm curious as to how people are using a PAMified POP3 server, to presumably
get user info from somewhere other than /etc/passwd, while at the same time
using sendmail for those same users.  How does the delivery agent know to check
for valid usernames if it is not also PAMified?

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