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Re: pop3 and sendmail?

On Sun, 11 Apr 1999, David J N Begley wrote:

> I mentioned Luke Howard's NSS/PAM modules for LDAP the other day - taking them
> as an example, I've now gotten a Solaris box correctly providing "user" access
> for an account that doesn't exist in "/etc/passwd" or "/etc/shadow" at all.
> When you login with TELNET (for example) the PAM module is used to
> authenticate the user.  When you run "ls" in a directory (or an MDA tries to
> determine if a user is a known local user or not), the corresponding NSS
> module is used to lookup relevant details (be it UID, login name, GECOS, login
> shell, whatever).

WOW! Now this is what I call *useful*!

I *want to* setup something like the above. Here's the details:

We have a huge Novell tree (NDS). Everyone has an account in the NDS. We
hace a Unix box as MX for our department. Emails arrived at the Unix box
that have no correspondent local username get passed on to the Novell
(some people have Unix accounts, some don't). 

I want to setup the Unix box such that it accepts emails for everyone AND
keep the email locally (not passing them on to Novell). I was thinking of
setting up POP3 (authenticating users from the Novell via PAM). This way
we will have a central `hub' for email rather than having emails going

The problem is that users need to have local account on the Unix to have
mailboxes there. Then I thought I can extract list of users from Novell
and create local accounts on the Unix (with the shell set to, say,
/bin/false). This *synchronization* needs to take place nightly as we have
tons of users. In addition to having very slow turnaround (24 hours), I
think there must be a better way.

If I can setup the Unix box to accept emails for all the users regardless
of whether they are local users or Novell's, then they can read the emails
via POP3 or IMAP on the Unix (authenticated either on the Unix or on
Novell, using PAM). This way I can get rid of SMTP service on the Novell
(as it is heavily loaded), and have everything in one place; very neat and

Any ideas? Is NSS my answer? Any pointer/documentation for NSS?


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