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Re: pop3 and sendmail?

On Sun, 11 Apr 1999, Hossein S. Zadeh wrote:
> This is what you suggest:
> You want to see if a local user exists (using mechanism "A"). Then if the
> user exists you want to see where the mailbox is (using mechanism "B").
> This is what is done:
> You see if a user exists using machanism "C". the answer is either "No",
> in which case you bounce the email. Or the answer is "Yes, the mailbox is
> /blah/blah", in which case you store the mail in the mailbox.
> Using the latter method not only you have used one mechanism (less bugs,
> less maintenance, etc.), but also you have only made one call to an
> external mechanism (faster).
> Is it just me or others do not see any benifit in doing the former either?

The benefit is that I only want to use PAM and not have to mess with setting up
anything else.

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