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Re: pop3 and sendmail? (long) [resend]

David et al,

Not being able to find the LDAP PAM and NSS modules seems to be a common
problem. The historical reason for this is that the pages were on a personal
webpage on a server which was decommissioned, without anyway of redirecting
to the new site. I grimace every time I hear stories like "we almost hired a

So, yes, you can download all this stuff from www.padl.com. Please spread
the word. Also, please get the software from PADL if you want the _latest_
source, or you're not building under Linux; by all means use rage.net for
their LdapNS RPMs, but they haven't been tracking our latest releases AFAIK.

Regarding getting NetWare and Solaris to share one userPassword attribute,
you don't even need to do that. (Password changing is a different matter,
though.) How an LDAP server performs simple authentication is a "black box";
it's not required to use the userPassword attribute. pam_ldap doesn't
actually read the attribute (although it _does_ update it when changing
passwords); it just performs a bind to the LDAP directory. We have anecdotal
evidence that password changing woks, but we have no access to NDS, so we
can't confirm that.

We're also intending to providing formal support for pam_ldap and nss_ldap,
which may subsidise shortening the TODO list which has been growing for
about two years :-) Please contact us if you're interested. Presently, our
resources are focussed on supporting our NIS/LDAP gateway, primarily for
economic reasons.


-- Luke

[ PADL Software Pty Ltd ]
Email: lukeh@padl.com
Internet: http://www.padl.com

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