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NSS question

I apologize if this is not the correct forum to ask this question, but it seems
that a lot of you here know a thing or two about NSS.  So I'll ask it here.
  I need to provide email services for greater than 65k users so therefore
cannot use system UID's for this.  These users will not have Unix accounts
either so will not need a UID or GID.  Can I add them to a db file for NSS to
look at and have all of these non-Unix users use the same UID?  Will NSS die or
become otherwise confused if I do this?  Seems like so long as no application
is asking for a user's UID that it should just grab the info it needs (home
dir, passwd, etc.) so long as that info is not the UID/GID.
  If this can be done then I would add the current Unix users we already have
and let NSS do its thing to continue providing them with
   Anyone care to comment on this?  Is this a bad idea?

Matthew Hixson - CIO			"Noone's ever tried this before." 
FroZenWave Communications		"That's why its going to work." 
http://www.frozenwave.com			-- Morpheus and Neo

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