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Re: LDAP, PAM, NSS and NDS (was: pop3 and sendmail? (long) [resend])

Earlier today, lukeh@xedoc.com.au wrote:

> Regarding getting NetWare and Solaris to share one userPassword attribute,
> you don't even need to do that. (Password changing is a different matter,
> though.)  [...] We have anecdotal evidence that password changing woks, but
> we have no access to NDS, so we can't confirm that.

I haven't tested it extensively yet, but the few times I've tried it password
changing most definitely works when using the LDAP front-end to NDS;  the key,
though, was to write cleartext passwords to the "userPassword" attribute on
the NetWare machine - then everything seemed to work just fine.  If I threw in
a Unix crypted password (ie., "{crypt}...") then authentication worked for
Unix clients but stopped working via regular NetWare NDS methods.

> We're also intending to providing formal support for pam_ldap and nss_ldap,
> which may subsidise shortening the TODO list which has been growing for
> about two years :-) Please contact us if you're interested.

Groovy.. cheers..


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