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RE: SimplePAMApps-0.50

   > Call me crazy, but you're trading the risk of someone sniffing for the
   > risk of someone reading the file .passwd and getting a password which

Well, there is nothing I can do about it.  If people are gonna sniff the
subnet, there is not much I can do to stop them.  But I know what people
will do it if it happens.

   > you'll now be guaranteeing to be both their netatalk and
   > Sounds like a net loss to me... I don't know what sort of

What's the difference once they get password by sniffing ftp?

   > Also, from what I remember about afp, it's "2 way scrambled" which I
   > suspect isn't exactly strong crypto. If a 3rd party could

Then you have to talk to Apple, and ask them to enhance their AppleShare so
that it will support more crypto.

   > can be extended by the server for a vanilla client. The NT afp
   > implementation (the last time I saw it was on 3.51, I don't

All I want for now is to do what I need.


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