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Re: how does Hotmail do it?

I have a feeling that the systems in question themselves know nothing
about those users, that they exist only as a construct specific to the
hotmail software. In other words, the web servers and backend stuff hit
some 'database' (generic meaning intended here) of users via whatever
means they wrote it to, perhaps straight up ODBC in C or whatever.

My guess...


On Tue, 13 Apr 1999, Matthew Hixson wrote:

> Hey, while I'm figuring out how to handle way too many email accounts, does
> anyone know what sort of setup Hotmail is using?  I remember hearing that they
> were using Sun boxes and then after MS bought them they tried running it on NT.
> NT couldn't handle it so they went back to Sun.  Are they using PAM on those
> machines, or do they just have a whole farm of machines big enough to handle
> the accounts normally?   
>  Thanks,
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