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Re: multiple root passwords...

gsri@cobaltnet.com writes:
>i seem to miss the idea behind this. the motivation for multiple uid=0 accounts
>or different passwords for different wheel users using pam_wheel seems to be
>that the root users mistrust each other.

Not always precisely.  Sometimes it is a mangement issue.  For example,
all root accounts might be valid on machine X, only a few on machine Y,
and none on machine Z.  If you trust your users not to try to sniff for
passwords and want to have each person only have to remember a single
root password for all machines (so that they are less likely to write
it down somewhere) multiple roots can be useful.

Clearly, multiple root accounts/passwords aren't any sort of panacea,
but there are environments (my example was only an example, not the
only reason you might want them) where they are appropriate.


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