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Re: multiple root passwords...

On Thu, 15 Apr 1999, Scott Nelson wrote:
> How about this instead?  su would simply check to see if the user is a
> member of the rootadmin group and then optionally prompt for a rootadmin
> password.  Access this way would be logged.  In fact, isn't there already a
> module that does this?  The wheel module I think.  (I've never used it; I
> use sudo instead.)

Does that method provide different passwords for different root users though? 
My point being that there could be multiple admins that may only need access
for a certain amount of time.  For example when a contractor comes in to help
setup an ISP he might need root access for the month that he's working there. 
With multiple root passwords you could then just take away his root access
without disrupting any other roots on the system.

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