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PAM Bug?

First, the scenario;  trying to get UW's IMAP daemon (4.6-BETA) to
authenticate using PAM to a remote LDAP directory (using Luke Howard's
pam_ldap module).  All on Solaris 2.6.

Now, if you change the IMAP makefile and tell it to use PAM for Solaris, the
daemon will die during the authentication phase regardless whether the login
or password is valid or not.

After much investigation, it was determined that the appdata_ptr pointer was
being passed to the PAM conversation function set to NULL (despite having been
set correctly through pam_start earlier).  Looking through pam_ldap source,
that doesn't appear to be the culprit.

Replacing UW's PAM code with the Red Hat Linux (Michael Johnson) PAM code,
everything works perfectly - BUT the Red Hat Linux code is using a couple of
static globals to pass the user/passwd information around (thereby avoiding
appdata_ptr completely).

Now - "Why is it so?"  (Prof JSM)

Basically, why does the Red Hat Linux code resort to using static globals;  is
this due to a known bug in PAM generally or is it a Solaris-specific bug?



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