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Re: PAM Bug?


Solaris's PAM has a confirmed bug in it. Contact Sun for the patch.
(Basically, libpam is hardcoding an appdata pointer of NULL).



David J N Begley wrote:
> First, the scenario;  trying to get UW's IMAP daemon (4.6-BETA) to
> authenticate using PAM to a remote LDAP directory (using Luke Howard's
> pam_ldap module).  All on Solaris 2.6.
> Now, if you change the IMAP makefile and tell it to use PAM for Solaris, the
> daemon will die during the authentication phase regardless whether the login
> or password is valid or not.
> After much investigation, it was determined that the appdata_ptr pointer was
> being passed to the PAM conversation function set to NULL (despite having been
> set correctly through pam_start earlier).  Looking through pam_ldap source,
> that doesn't appear to be the culprit.
> Replacing UW's PAM code with the Red Hat Linux (Michael Johnson) PAM code,
> everything works perfectly - BUT the Red Hat Linux code is using a couple of
> static globals to pass the user/passwd information around (thereby avoiding
> appdata_ptr completely).
> Now - "Why is it so?"  (Prof JSM)
> Basically, why does the Red Hat Linux code resort to using static globals;  is
> this due to a known bug in PAM generally or is it a Solaris-specific bug?
> Thanks..
> dave
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