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Re: help!

Actually, you can mount as many copies of proc as you want.

mount none -t proc /your/mount/point/here

Doesn't bother the system at all.

tani hosokawa
river styx internet

On Sun, 25 Apr 1999, Matthew Hixson wrote:

> On Sun, 25 Apr 1999, David Farber wrote:
> > i can replicate the
> > problem even when i copy *all* the files of my normal system (which does not
> > have these problems) into a virtual file system. (the exception is the proc
> > directory; i don't understand what this directory is for and it doesn't seem
> > to like being copied like a normal directory.)
> David,
>   The /proc filesystem contains information about currently running processes
> and various kernel internals.  It doesn't copy like a normal directory because
> it isn't one.
>   I don't really have a clue as to why your servers are dying unless you are
> somehow preventing them from seeing something they need in the /proc
> subdirectories.  As far as I know you can only create one instance of /proc (I
> suppose you could modify the source to make more copies, but that is left as an
> excersize for the reader).
>   I would suggest allowing your servers to start normally (without chrooting
> them) and see if things run as they're supposed to.
>   -M@
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