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0.69 out there

0.69 is on


I've also uploaded a revised ssh-1.2.27 patch for making use of the
revised client support (libpamc) that's in 0.69. Take care if you want
to try this on a live server! The only available client has some
security problems with it at the moment.
The patch obviously contains no crypto, I'd recommend going somewhere
like replay.com for that. The spec file is actually based on the one
found there for ssh-1.2.27. It reimplements the 'broken PAM support' in
cases where the client cannot support PAM natively. I personally think
that this replacement code is a great deal cleaner: see the
--with-brokenpamhack option.

I should thank Andrey for having done the heavy lifting on the configure
stuff and for having done a great deal of the work on this ssh patch in
its former life. However, problems with this current patch and the
latest version of the client library (see the .69 sources) are all mine.



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