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RE: last and pam


here is an official response from WUFTPD Development Group.


> -----Original Message-----
> From: Gregory A Lundberg [mailto:lundberg+wuftpd@vr.net]
> Sent: Monday, August 02, 1999 4:24 PM
> To: Alex Yu
> Cc: WUFTPD Development Group
> Subject: Re: FW: last and pam
> A Debian maintainer is claiming much the same.
> After having read the code, and thinking about the state of the daemon at
> the various points, I see three possible solutions:
>  - live with it.  It's broken and cannot be fixed.
>  - use the -W command-line switch.  That will prevent any FTP 
> sessions from
>    logging to wtmp.  At least you'll be keeping your wtmp file clean.
>  - give me a few minutes and I'll rip the entire pile of crap from the
>    source kit.  That way there's no support at all for wtmp 
> logging.  Then,
>    when we rewrite the daemon, maybe we can put the functions back in.
> As it is right now, I do not believe wtmp logging works correctly 
> for guest
> or anonymous users.  I do not believe it is even possible to make it work
> correctly.  So I'm recomending my third course of action as the 
> solution to
> be incorporated in the 2.6.0.
> -- 
> Gregory A Lundberg              WU-FTPD Development Group
> 1441 Elmdale Drive              lundberg@wu-ftpd.org
> Kettering, OH 45409-1615 USA    1-800-809-2195

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