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Re: SSH -> PAM -> pam_smb

On Wed, 4 Aug 1999, Kenn Herman wrote:
> I am testing around with having PAM authenticate against a NT PDC/BDC (using
> pam_smb). 

Regarding your statement of "strong" passwords: NT does not have a secure
password storage. Passwords are stored cleartext-equivalent and can be
retrieved with little effort.

> This works fine.  However, when I try and bring SSH into the
> fold, it doesn't go through PAM and instead sees that there is a shadow
> password file and grabs the password from there.  How do I have SSH use PAM
> to authenticate, or which config under /etc/pam.d do I need to change?

Do you have a version of ssh that does support pam? Try "ldd sshd" and look
if libpam is included in the list.

What operating system are you running?
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