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Re: MD5 passwords in NIS for multiple platforms


> - Dstribute a md5 password map alongside the normal passwd.byuid and
>   passwd.byname maps. This is trivial. How to get machines to use them
>   is yet an unanswered question.=20
> - Make the md5 passwords usable from Linux, Solaris, AIX, HP-UX, IRIX,
>   Ultrix and OSF1
> - The solution should preferably be compatible with something used
>   elsewhere, and not a local hack of existing software.

	Well, I dont know if this helps, but the Solaris or Tru64 Unix
    (Digital Unix (OSF/1)) way to do this is to use a passwd.adjunct map,
    or a prpasswd file which contains extra information. The hooks are
    there already in Linux PAM/PWDB to deal with solaris passwd.adjunct
    and DEC prpasswd files.

    	If you just want expanded security, and are not attached to md5
    for religous reasons the "bigcrypt" option to pam_pwdb may do exactly
    what you want. It was designed for interoperability with Digital UNIX
    running at enhanced security. Thats two of your platforms. Possibly 3,
    including ultrix depending on how they implemented enhanced security
    on ultrix. A DEC C2 <->Linux howto page is at 

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