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Re: PAM + pam_smb + login.c.diff

The RedHat 5.2 login binary is compiled from util-linux-2.8-11.src.rpm off
of the redhat site.  I patched it with the login.c.diff on the site.

These are the login binaries (.dist being the original redhat binary):

-rws--x--x   1 root     root        22535 Aug  5 14:17 /bin/login
-rws--x--x   1 root     root        16332 Aug  5 14:12 /bin/login.dist

This might be a moot issue since eventually my goal is to take away telnet
access and only allow ssh.  Since ssh works great in both environments, I
can gradually bring my machines over to that.  Also eventually I will
upgrade my boxes to 6.0, but of course that is when I feel like staying
really late some evening :).

Thanks for all your help and the great work!


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> Can you check that the login binary is the patched one on 5.2, I know this
> works as I wrote the patch on 5.2 I think ... and it works back to 4.2,
> Dave.
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