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cleartext password auth module

"Sarel J. Botha" wrote:
> Anyone know if a PAM auth module exists that can authenticate someone using a
> file in the following format?
> ----------
> user1:pass:some:other:fields
> user2:pass:some:other:fields
> ----------
> The file isn't /etc/passwd and the passwords are cleartext, not encrypted.

Hi there Sarel...  I recently wrote a module that can do that from a
arbitrary file containing lines like: user1:pass etc., but the passwords
_are_ encrypted.  You can download the module source from
http://espresso.ee.sun.ac.za/~cpbotha/pam_pwdfile.html.  It drops right
into the PAM source tree and you compile it with the other modules.  Is
it crucial that your passwords are cleartext?

Charl Botha

E-Mail cpbotha@ieee.org

Image Processing and Pattern Recognition
Digital Signal Processing Group
Department of Electronic Engineering
University of Stellenbosch
South Africa

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