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Need assistance (Long)

Hello all,
  Im currently implementing a multisystem authentication and session management
system across 8+ linux machines to syncronize accounts. We use a NT based billing
system, and run services on the linux machines.
  The NT accounting machine does not have the databases organized in a service-
friendly manner, and I have wrote a c++ app to query the NT machine via
OpenLink's ODBC linux client, and format the accounts in a service-specific MySQL
database on one of the linux machine. The other 8 systems which run SMTP, POP3,
radius, web, ect then use the C/C++ API for MySQL to update themselves accordingly
from the MySQL server.
  This works, but is not the optimal setup. I've been reading on PAM, and I dont mind
hacking the services to use PAM, but need some input from the list. I don't want
any user authentication/session management to take place on the remote systems.
I want all calls to use PAM, and query off a backend of some sort. This means
authentication, all calls to system specific functions (getpwnam, getpwent, ect).
I've seen the session management features PAM has, but I want to know what backend
to use. I've done a little reading on LDAP, but I do not wish to spin my wheels on
a project that is not feasible.
  Im asking if anyone here has a similar setup, or knows if this is reasonably
possible. If so, can you describe a basic setup. Once again im looking for _all_
system specific lookups to be redirected through a PAM module, to a backend
SQL/LDAP/Whatever DBMS. Thanks for your time.

	Franco Gasperino
	Icehouse Internet Services

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