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Re: wakeup events.. thoughts?

Savochkin Andrey Vladimirovich wrote:
> >    login is invoked
> >    login calls pam_authenticate
> >    login calls pam_open_session


> >    [establishes credentials]
> >    login fork()s
> >       the child execs the user-application (a shell)
> >       the child eventually exits
[Ooops :*(, I meant the following two lines to be in this order:]
> >    the parent wait()s for the child to exit
> >    [delete the credentials]


> >    the parent calls pam_close_session
> >    the parent exits.

> Well, there are two points here:
>  - enchancing PAM API to allow modules and applications (`login' in the case)
>    exchange information for stopping and resuming sessions;
>  - an implementation of stopping and resuming sessions.
> #2 may be not so easy thing.  It looks much more hard than #1.

Completely agreed. But luckily, we're primarily concerned with the PAM
API bit! I'm sure that if we can sort that out in some general fashion,
it will be more clear how to modify login to do the right thing, or some
approximation of the right thing so its clear how we need to modify
login, Linux, etc.. to do it all right.

> So it should be stated that only certain applications will work in such
> environment or some way to inform applications about session status should be
> implemented.

Agreed. Let's leave this part as an open issue.

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