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Re: wakeup events.. thoughts?

> Well, there are two points here:
>  - enchancing PAM API to allow modules and applications (`login' in the case)
>    exchange information for stopping and resuming sessions;
>  - an implementation of stopping and resuming sessions.
> #2 may be not so easy thing.  It looks much more hard than #1.
> Shell and applications started from it may not
> like such intervention.  For some applications there may be sections of code
> where some kind of lock is held and interruption is prohibited.
> So it should be stated that only certain applications will work in such
> environment or some way to inform applications about session status should be
> implemented.
> The easiest way to inform applications about session suspension is to emulate
> Ctrl-Z hitting on the terminal.  Applications should have been prepared to it
> and handle it properly.  The problems with this approach are
>  - an additional kernel support will be probably required;
>  - some applications may wish to ignore SIGTSTP.
> I don't know what can be done in the later case.
> Just my $0.02

Another thing that might be irritating, is X.  Someone logs in, goes into
X, then the wakeup event is triggered... what ought to happen?  I'd like a
little window to appear and allow me to enter in the password, I wouldn't
want it to kill off X so I could get console... So, maybe the thing needs
to have hooks for a notification program to be called, that has a timer in
it as well, which (kinda) solves the above problems.  They get 10 seconds
to do whatever needs to be done (put their thumb on a scanner, whatever),
and if that doesn't happen, all the programs that are running from that
login session are killed.  That way, nobody has to worry about people
creating "special" programs that can get around SIGSTP, etc.

tani hosokawa
river styx internet

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