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Re: Missing prompt item in PAM

Andrew Morgan writes:
>Why not hack it into a module, via an argument?

The operative word there is "hack".

Because there are situations when an application might want to choose
the user to authenticate, and (horrors!) even the string to set,
*dynamically*.  I don't think you would seriously suggest that apps
start modifying pam.d files; ignoring all other hackery, it's not
reentrant...  :-P

>Then other applications
>benefit from it and libpam doesn't have to believe in passwords for ever
>and a day?

The rhetoric is not impressive.  libpam can be password agnostic.  As
I already explained, I just want an approved chanel to get this info
from an app to a module.  I've already got a workaround -- mangling
the string in the conversation function, but that's a HACK.  HACK


Ack pht.




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