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Re: Missing prompt item in PAM

"Michael K. Johnson" wrote:
> Because there are situations when an application might want to choose
> the user to authenticate, and (horrors!) even the string to set,
> *dynamically*.  I don't think you would seriously suggest that apps
> start modifying pam.d files; ignoring all other hackery, it's not
> reentrant...  :-P

Environment variables supply a channel for doing 'dynamic' things like
this. To propagate info like this, they require a convention to be
adhered to between a module and an application. They are also advisory.
They don't require that we teach libpam about passwords.

> The rhetoric is not impressive.  libpam can be password agnostic.  As
> I already explained, I just want an approved chanel to get this info
> from an app to a module.  I've already got a workaround -- mangling
> the string in the conversation function, but that's a HACK.  HACK




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