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Re: Missing prompt item in PAM

Andrew Morgan writes:
>Environment variables supply a channel for doing 'dynamic' things like
>this. To propagate info like this, they require a convention to be
>adhered to between a module and an application. They are also advisory.
>They don't require that we teach libpam about passwords.

If environment variables are sufficient, why have pam_item's at all?
This is strongly parallel to PAM_USER_PROMPT.  Why make it go through
another channel?

If you insist on making it go through an environment variable, it
*still* should be set as a policy item in the Linux-PAM documentation
precisely how it is to be interpreted.  Using an environment variable
encourages environment pollution/destruction as well.  Using a pam_item
instead keeps the information contained where it belongs.

I think that refusing to create PAM_PASSWORD_PROMPT is encouraging
hackish workarounds.  Mangling conversation function data is a hack.
Setting environment variables without regard to child processes
(who knows what other use any particular environment string will
have, and what data we will wipe out?) is hackish.  Creating
PAM_PASSWORD_PROMPT is clean, easy to specify, will not collide
with anything else.  Why are you so set against it?

As I said, I've already hacked around it.  Switching to another
hack is highly uninteresting.  By contrast, doing it cleanly is
interesting, at least to me.


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